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Guided Wealth Portfolios

Guided Wealth Portfolios

March 04, 2019

At Shore Wealth Management we are constantly looking for ways to help more people in our community pursue their goals. We are excited to announce our new digital investment platform called Guided Wealth Portfolios (GWP) with an account minimum of just $5,000.

The GWP platform helps us help more people. It's important for a few reasons:

  • The $5,000 account minimum is significantly lower than those typically required by wealth management firms.
  • Opening an account online is easy and takes 10-15 minutes. Getting started can be the hardest part and GWP streamlines that process.
  • GWP pairs online investing with a personal relationship.

Click here to get started. As always, don't hesitate to contact your team at Shore Wealth Management with any questions.